My special thanks go to the ten interviewees: six Bangladeshi squatters and four non-Bangladeshi squatters. In both groups, some of the individuals were also activists. They are (Bangladeshi): Ala Uddin, Helal Uddin Abbas, Kazi Hurmotjan Begum, Kola Miah, Soyful Alom, Sharaf Uddin; (non-Bangladeshi): David Hoffman, Jon Hems, Nora Connolly and Terry Fitzpatrick. I would like to thank them with our deep appreciation for sharing their incredible, insightful and detailed stories of the struggles of the squatters of that period.

Abdul Khalam Ali, Secretary (East End Connection)

Ala Uddin (image not available)
Md Kala Miah (image not available)
Sharof Uddin (image not available)
Struggles of Bangladeshi Squatters